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GoGasm Orgasm to Go!, the new frontier of partner play

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The GoGasm range is all about pleasuring simultaneously two sensitive spots of the female nether regions: the vagina and the anus. The latter is very probably the most underrated one, am I right?

I had already reviewed the GoGasm vibrating love egg, which was a huge success at last year's EroFame and boasts a remote control for partner play. It's the first ever love egg for both the vagina and anus and, therefore, a very innovative toy.

The new item from the GoGasm collection, called "Orgasm to Go!", adds another element to the mix: clitoral stimulation. It's a cleverly designed panty vibe which features two special probes, one for the vagina and one for the anus.

Unpacking the GoGasm Orgasm to Go!

I'll admit it: when I buy my toys, discreet packaging is non-negotiable. I live in a condo where all the other apartments are owned by bigot elderly people, so I don't want any embarrassment. Plus, one of my neighbors, a lady in her 80s, has this bad habit of accepting my parcels when I'm out of the house because of work. She really insists with the delivery guy, so he is practically forced to give my goodies to her rather than leaving the classic "missed your delivery" card. "How kind of her," you may think. Yes, until she finds the words "VIBRATING MASSAGER" on the shipping label! For this reason, I only order sexy material from online shops who care about the privacy of their consumers, just like Orion's one. Goodies from this internationally-known German brand always come in a plain brown box with nothing written on the shipping label and an anonymous sender name. I've been able to make my nosy neighbor believe that they're clothes and shoes from a super cheap German e-commerce.

The Orgasm to Go! comes in an elegant window packaging, very similar to the one of the GoGasm love egg, that would certainly look great in a retail store.

As soon as I unpack the toy, I appreciate the softness of the silicone from which it's made. Orion's secret to achieve such softness is coating a quality, body-safe silicone with PU, the same material that is used for latex-free condoms. Most of the toys from the brand's labels, like You2Toys and Sweet Smile, have this type of coating (and, therefore, feel extremely velvety to the touch).

At the base of the vaginal probe, the toy is decorated with a chic metallic detail I really love.

Three motors, three different sensations

First things first: this innovative toy actually has a different motor for each erogenous zone. Underneath the soft silicone surface, there are actually three powerful motors capable of delivering 7 different vibrating modes. I don't know how this panty vibe manages to be so silent with three motors vibrating simultaneously, but believe me, it does!

The Orgasm to Go! sits effortlessly in any pair of panties, and stays perfectly in place. The muscles of the vagina and anus are squeezing against the two probes, so it's pretty unlikely that the toy could slip out of place. After you've got your clothes on, you can barely hear the sound of the vibrations.

The best part, without doubt, is the vaginal probe. If you look closely at the tip, you'll notice that it's slightly curved. I can guarantee you that this shape allows the toy to hit the G-spot instantly, delivering mind-blowing pleasure. At least, it felt like this for me!

I also love that the anal probe is very flexible. I was afraid that the toy wouldn't fit my anatomy, but this wasn't the case: you can position the anal probe as you like, so it fits comfortably your body. If you just want to focus on the other two erogenous zones, you can also bend it downwards and stop using it. This is a huge pro for me. Lastly, the flat area for external stimulation features a pattern of small "beads" that caress the clitoris, enhancing the power of the vibration.

With the remote control, this new GoGasm toy turns into the perfect ally to indulge in some exhibitionism outdoors. I wore it while doing groceries and at a nice restaurant with my partner, and nobody noticed it. Letting my loved one use the remote control created a hot power dynamic that set the scene for an unforgettable night of sex!

Overall, this is a quality toy with a very original design. I would recommend it to every couple, particularly the ones who have already experimented with many sex toys and want to try something completely different from what they already have.

Get your own GoGasm Orgasm to Go! for 99€ here.

Unaffiliated post. I got the product free of charge from Orion, in exchange for my honest review. Special thanks to Sandra from the German company.

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