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How to choose a sex toy to enjoy with your partner?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I get asked all the time how to introduce sex toys to a partner, spouse, or girlfriend. Seems a lot like users feel embarrassed, or guilty, about their sexual fantasy.

That shouldn't be the case at all! Dildos, vibrators and other sexy supplies are meant to be fun, and not to create relationship anxiety!

So, what could be your first sexy gadget to use together with your boo? Let's see the best beginner-friendly toys, enjoyable by two!

sex toys for couples g spot vibrator clitoris male masturbator cock ring

How could you never have seen online those tiny bands made from rubber (or, hopefully, silicone) called cockrings? They're soft, stretchy and not intimidating, but they have an important function: they create a mild constriction effect at the base of the penis, boosting the blood flow where you need it the most.

The results are better and stronger erections, and delayed ejaculation, at an usually cheap price.

But what about adding a vibrating bullet to this soft, stretchy ring, to properly stimulate the clitoris? Many companies are doing so: that's how vibrating penis rings are born!

Make sure to choose one with a bullet that's big enough to fit your bodies' anatomy: the penis obviously doesn't stay still into her vagina, and unavoidably carries the vibrating ring everywhere it goes: the shorter bullets tend to not reach the clitoris anymore when the willy moves too far away, meaning that her stimulation will be discontinued. I'd suggest to look for a ring with a longer bullet.

  • A strap on!

Have you ever fantasized about pegging? Or maybe you're in a she/she couple and you'd like to try the joy of penetration? If you ticked one of those boxes, then a strap on harness is for you: most of them today have interchangeable O rings that allow you to choose between hundreds of compatible dildos.

I know that most dildos with a flared base/suction cup are OK with O-ring harnesses, but always check if the measurements of the ring could fit with the diameter of your sex toy.

Make sure to choose a body-safe dong: the best choice is always medical grade silicone, which is free from phtalates and non porous, so bacteria cannot nest inside the material.

TPE and PVC are instead porous: however, they're still used because they feel noticeably realistic to the touch. Although, I still prefer the feel of high quality silicone on my skin.

  • A wireless love egg

Imagine you could wear your favourite vibrator inside your vagina while you're out and about, while your lover controls the level of intensity of the rumbly vibrations inside you with a remote control. Well, this is exactly what you can do with a wireless remote control love egg!

While choosing yours, make sure that the range of the remote control is confortable enough for your games: you should find it listed in the technical specifications of the product. Also, keep in mind that usually rechargeable sex toys are more powerful than battery-operated ones.

As long as you choose a body-safe love egg, the choice is all yours for what concerns the shape, the colour and the number of vibration patterns you want at your partner's fingertips!

There are also wireless vibrators that can be worn inside the vagina during intercourse. They're usually pretty good at stimulating both clitoris and G-spot while you're making love, and they're mostly from high-end brands which only use quality silicone!

Last but not least, plese note that those are only suggestions for you to experiment with: every sex toy can become a couples' one, as well as it's enjoyed by both partners!

Try mutual masturbation with your lover with a G-spot vibrator for you and a male masturbator for him (or two vibrators, two masturbators and whatever your fantasy suggests you): you will be surprised!

Unaffiliated, unsponsored post. I didn't get paid by the companies I linked to for this post, but I may have worked for them in any occasions as a copywriter.

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