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#MasturbationMonday: The First Love

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Erika, the prettiest girl from college. Jules still keeps a photo of her, secretly stored in his album.

He can’t forget her innocent, virginal look: her beautiful blushing cheeks and that angel-like smile.

Photo concessed with a CC0 Creative Commons License

During college years, Jules was shy and clumsy, the classic nerd who doesn’t have success with girls. So he was just too timorous to reveal her his crush, or better, his obsession for her beauty.

He got used to admire her from afar: her perfect perky breasts and the pink nipples that could be seen through her clean, perfectly ironed white shirt, the long legs and curvy hips Jules could never be tired of.

Who knows if she was aware of his attraction towards her: the only sure thing is that, when they both grew up to an appropriate age to be considered adults, Jules’ feelings towards her started to become more and more sexual. He is still ashamed to think about it, but he started to have wet dreams about the sweet, naïve Erika, where they did together things that perhaps she would never have accepted in the real world.

And that’s also when Jules learnt the fine art of masturbation: a little fantasy went a long way back then, and he remembers he could bring himself to intense, mind-blowing orgasms while aroused only by the thought of her swinging blonde hair all over her naked porcelain body, or of her innocent gaze suddenly becoming sultry, full of lust and passion.

In his dreams Erika moaned and moaned under his moves of pleasure, transforming into an insatiable vixen while still keeping her naïve, angel-like look.

But, this never became a reality. After graduation, Jules did never see her again. Who knows if she has a boyfriend today, or is married, and if our nerd protagonist’s feeling have ever been secretly mutual, even if just for a short period of time.

But Jules seems unable to forget her completely. Even if he’s married now with a sexy, gorgeous woman, those wet dreams from his youth still appear at times, bringing him the same incredible self-love sessions from back then.

To be honest, he feels a little ashamed having such a powerful orgasm in front of her virginal face in that old photo. Still, he can’t help but always come back discovering that feeling of pure passion, and innocent love and lust.

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