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Orion's Sexy Advent Calendar

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Orion’s Advent Calendar is definitely gorgeous, and as soon as I took it off from the plain brown box it came in, it brought the Christmas spirit in my room, even if it’s the end of October!

While mounting the cardboard stand on its back, I thought that it’s absolutely worth having one just for the magical and festive feeling it brings in your bedroom, whatever the quality of the surprises hidden inside.

Why an Erotic Advent Calendar?

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I confess that I didn’t always have a good relationship with Christmas, and that I chose to review this sexy Advent Calendar to focus my mind on the positive aspects of the holiday.

When I was younger, my grandfather took care of the Christmas decorations at my home, and he used to spend entire afternoons putting lights and tinsel on a huge tree.

After he passed away, no more Christmas trees nor decorations were put in my house anymore.

My grandmother threw away that old artificial tree and all of its ornaments, because they brought back to her mind the image of her deceased husband singing Christmas songs and decorating the house.

It’s very difficult to write this without tears, but now that I’m at my own place, displaying this beautiful advent calendar on my bedside table feels like having that magical Christmas tree from my childhood again.

And what’s best, the sexiness of its contents allows me to focus on the positivity of my sex life with my partner, rather than on the pain of my loss.

Using it as a festive decoration for my home

My partner and I didn’t resist waiting till the 1st of December to open the little boxes one at a time as we were supposed to do, but I want to save the beautiful cardboard calendar until the end of the holidays, to use it as a decoration.

I plan on making a small Christmas tree next to it, to create a small festive corner at my home where my guy and I will put all the presents for each other.

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After all, its golden and deep purple colour palette is very beautiful, and I love the festive decorations on it like stars, snowflakes and candles mixed to images of sex toys.

There’s even a butt plug disguised as a Christmas tree, with a star on its top!

However, those stylised drawings of erotic toys are very difficult to recognise as such for someone who’s not a regular user of adult products.

I think that it’s very unlikely that your old aunt will notice the double dong or the decorated anal beads on your advent calendar, if you decide to leave it in full view in your living room.

However, beware that the back of each little box is sort of a piece of a big erotic puzzle.

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Once all boxes are turned upside-back, they reveal a very naughty image for you and your lover to enjoy.

Maybe this is not a thing that your aunt needs to see!

The cardboard structure and the boxes

The calendar is made from a very sturdy cardboard, and the stand on the back is very easy to mount.

Once I stood it up on the smooth surface of my bedside table, it just stayed there very stably.

On the back, just above the cardboard stand, you can find listed some renowned brands whose products are inside the calendar as surprises: Cottelli Collection, Mandy Mystery Lingerie, Sweet Smile, You2Toys, Bad Kitty, Durex, Magoon and others.

This way, you can really expect to find every day a high quality, body-safe sexy gift!

The boxes look gorgeous even out of the calendar, repurposed as little stocking stuffers or placed under the tree.

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On the sides of each one of them, there’s a sex tip related to the little gift inside, both in German and in English.

I strongly suggest NOT to read all of the tips before starting to open the boxes, because they can ruin the surprise effect!

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More advice on how to use the products should be contained in a small booklet that I found on the back of the calendar, with a big wording ‘Spoiler Alert’!

Honestly, I can’t really tell because I hid it from my partner so well that now I can’t find it anymore ;).

The surprises

As for the surprises, well, I don’t want to be a spoiler!

I will only reveal that, exactly like it happened with the toy advent calendars of our childhood, the surprises get better and better as you get closer to the 24th.

Oh, and beware that the bigger boxes do not necessarily contain the better gifts, but there’s a lot of potential in the smaller ones, too.

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As it usually happens with any other similar collection, my partner and I liked certain surprises more than others, but it’s worth noting that we only found body-safe, quality adult products.

This in my opinion justifies the price of 99.95€ for the whole calendar, because probably we would have spent more if we had purchased all the products separately.

Of course you can’t expect to find a 150€ vibrator inside, and it wouldn’t fit in those small boxes after all.

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But there are items that my partner and I will use hundreds of times, even after Christmas is gone, and those are what makes this Advent Calendar the gift that keeps giving in our opinion.

The experience

Having every evening a little surprise to look forward to felt...priceless.

Personally, I wouldn’t consider this calendar as just a collection of 24 erotic products put together in a gorgeous festive gift box, but rather as an intimate experience to live with your loved one.

We promised each other to try at least once every single surprise, and that made for a wonderful time together and beautiful Christmas memories that we will cherish forever.

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Trust me, you won’t regret investing in this Advent Calendar.

If I got you curious, you can buy yours directly from Orion Versand here.

I received the product free of charge from Orion Versand, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Special thanks to Sandra Christiansen, the press manager of the renowned German brand.

(CAUTION: Below there's a spoiler image that shows how the erotic puzzle on the back of the surprise boxes is supposed to look like!)

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