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The Girl in Fishnets

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

She always wore fishnets, showing up through the holes of her torn jeans.

Mike used to see her at the local coffee shop in the morning: she always parked her colorful Vespa in the same place, freed her pixie red hair from her helmet and hurried up to the counter, ordering her usual mocha latte.

She had such an "alpha" vibe. She always had her head high while her rebellious red curls were falling over her fiery gaze and smile. Mike always felt at the same time intrigued and intimidated by how confident and proud the redhead girl was.

But she knew Mike was hiding and watching her from the corner. One day, when they were one next to the other waiting in line at the counter, the redhead girl sneaked a small note into his pocket. "See you later, Moonlight Night Club, 9PM."

Mike didn't make it to turn around trying to meet her shiny eyes, that the redhead was already gone, jumping on her Vespa and leaving without saying a word.

Photo concessed with a CC0 Creative Commons License

That evening Mike worked up all the courage he could and he managed to go at his "date", at 9PM at Moonlight Night Club. The redhead girl already was there, drinking a cocktail surrounded by young admiring guys, in a short torn jeans skirt and her usual sexy fishnets.

As soon as she saw Mike, she grabbed his hand without saying a word and she announced her friends she would leave for a while. She pushed Mike away from the crowd, in the back of the club: then down a narrow staircase that seemed to bring to a cellar or a basement.

When our protagonist's eyes finally got used to the darkness, he nearly fainted from the shock: the club's cellar was hiding a perfectly equipped BDSM dungeon, with floggers and riding crops everywhere, not to mention that big "X" made in wood and attached to four restraints for ankles and wrists.

The redhead immediately stripped Mike out of his clothes, shutted his mouth with a ball gag and attached his wrists to a pair of furry black cuffs.

"From now on I'm you Mistress, ok?"

He nodded furiously as he wasn't able to say anything with that soft, squishy leather ball gag in his mouth.

The Mistress took away her T-shirt and skirt to reveal her bombshell fishnet catsuit Mike had fantasized so much about. She grabbed a giant black dildo and a nine-tails flogger made in shiny black leather.

What followed is today blurred in Mike's memory: he only remembers the stinging sensation of the flogger's strokes against his skin, the arousing view of the Mistress riding that huge phallic object, and the mind-blowing orgasm he achieved when, after having him blindfolded, she decided to ride him till the world ends.

That evening the redhead girl got back her clothes on quickly and she ran up the stairs leaving Mike there without saying a word. He never saw her again at his usual coffee shop.

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