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The Sex Toy Store

Updated: May 16, 2018

I love the quiet, slightly out of town street where my new workplace is located. A sex toy store...

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After all, what's not to like about my new, exciting job? Every morning I get out with the keys of a wonderful place in my hands: I'm left alone to rule that huge, two-floors amazing kingdom of dildos, G-spot stimulators, magic wands and butt plugs, until the owner, a nice middle aged woman, comes back to the shop around 2 PM.

Customers are nice, often too shy and embarrassed to engage in a proper conversation with me, but I must admit that the thing at which I look forward the most every morning is having some alone time with the product testers.

If Jenna, the super kind and friendly owner of the adult shop finds out...well, I'm sure she would lose her sweet smile. Perhaps she would get angry, and even fire me. But Jenna has a second job in the morning, so she is never at the shop during those hours. The only way she could find out is through the surveillance cameras.

I have thought several times before about obscuring the security cameras, but...that just reduces the fun. Having them film me while I grab a bullet vibrator or some nice anal beads to take a little break from tidying the shelves or putting in place a promotional display, is an obvious perk of the job. I never use products for sale: only tester or demo samples, and I sanitize them properly after use.

What feels incredibly naughty is the risk of being seen by some customer or visitor just opening the door while I'm half-naked behind the counter, with a lifelike dildo in my hand and an opened lubricant sample bag on the floor. It's just a few weeks that I work there, but I've already risked big: there have been times where I pulled my skirt down just in time to not show my crotchless knickers to the guest. And many customers have noticed, with a smile on their face, the lubed sex toy on the counter: not there for promotional purposes of course.

There aren't many customers during the first opening hours in the morning, so I have plenty of time to test the new product samples. Another kink of mine is to watch my solo performance in the records of the surveillance cameras, as if it was the ultimate personalized porn movie.

I don't know if I will ever stop: sure, I'm afraid of getting fired from a job I love so much, but the whole thing is just too tempting for me to give it up.

The characters and events in this story are entirely fictitious: resemblance with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidential. Unaffiliated post.

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