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YES But organic anal lube

Since my blog started in February 2018, I can say I’ve already reviewed a lot of sex lubes: water-based, silicone-based, flavoured or scented. And I must admit that not all their ingredients’ lists were free from chemicals, parabens and other not-so-healthy substances.

Even the lubes from the best brands can contain glycerin, that may worsen things for women who suffer from frequent yeast infections, or petrolates and artificial preservatives.

So, I was beyond excited to try the YES range of organic lubes: I had heard lots of good things about them in the sex blogging community, and I couldn’t wait to try them myself!

The first one that I want to test and review for my readers is the YES But, a water-based anal lubricant made from certified organic ingredients.

The packaging

The YES But comes in an elegant cardboard box, coloured in a beautiful palette of white and blue. I love its design!

Of course, on the packaging is clearly written ‘water-based anal lubricant’, however, otherwise it would look just like the box of a high-end cosmetic: my family members, who are Italian and don’t speak English at all, think that it contains an organic face cream. Discretion is definitely a priority of the brand!

All I need to know about the product is clearly written on the packaging: the INCI, that includes lots of plant-derived ingredients marked as ‘organically grown’, some directions for use, the contacts of the company and a warning that the product is not a spermicide nor a contraceptive. But, what’s most important, I can see there the CE mark, a ‘Vegetarian Society Approved’ badge, and a ‘Soil Association Organic’ logo, that make me immediately trust more the YES company and their ethics.

While opening the box, I’m very pleased to read on the lids ‘Thank You’ and ‘By choosing certified organic Yes, you are helping to sustain the wellbeing of people, planet, plants and wildlife for the future’. Wow, that makes me so proud!

Inside the box, the 100ml tube of the product, coloured in the same blue and white palette of the outer box, looks very classy too. It comes with a pretty leaflet, that describes the product: I didn’t know that it was isotonic and specifically pH balanced for male and female anal play, neither

that it was bio-adhesive to protect the delicate mucosa of the area, acting as if it was a silicone-based lubricant. I’m also reassured that the product has been certified 95% organic by The Soil Association, UK.

The texture

I’m not sure if I will be able to describe in words the peculiar texture of this lube, but I’ll try my best ;) . It feels thicker and creamier than my average water-based lube, but it’s still very lightweight on the skin: it gives me a very different sensation in comparison with most ultra-smooth, artificially velvety silicone-based lubricants. It has no smell nor taste, and it looks clear.

My partner and I, while trying the YES But for the first time, found that it lasts longer than a traditional water-based lube: so we guess that the 100ml bottle will last a lot!

We think that it’s just perfect for anal play: it gives us the same comfort of a silicone-based lube, but it’s compatible with all our favourite butt plugs. Plus, it’s produced in an ethical way and from natural ingredients only.

I like the YES But for vaginal use too, on days when I feel particularly dry down there because of my hormonal ups and downs, or when I simply don’t have any other lube on hand. It’s slightly thicker but it still gives a natural feeling, and it lasts way more than other similar products, while providing a soothing, anti-redness effect.

With regular use, the YES But makes my intimate skin feel softer and smoother: the organic Aloe Vera extract, along with other plant-derived ingredients, is definitely effective at moisturising the delicate area.

In Summary

My partner and I will buy again YES But because of its excellent gliding properties, its soothing and moisturising effect and, well, just because we want to be kind to Mother Nature!

If you would like to try it for yourself, you can buy it here.

Unaffiliated post. I got the product free of charge from YES in exchange for my honest review.

Thanks YES, it’s a pleasure to work with your company!

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