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Sure, I’ve been a regular user of water-based lubes for a long time: they make sex more comfortable and pleasurable, they come off easily with a paper tissue and they won’t damage my favourite sex toys made from silicone. But, I had never tried an oil-based lubricant before.

I have my own theory about the low popularity of oil-based lubes: I think that they are less common than the silicone/water-based ones because they’re not compatible with condoms. It’s known that oils may degrade the latex from which the most common male

contraceptives are made, and obviously many companies don’t want to take responsabilities for the risks that may occur if their product is used in the wrong way.

To be honest, I thought that the world of oil-based lubes was limited to the ‘butters-for-extreme-fisting’ category before hearing of YES OB.

That’s why I see the YES company as a true pioneer here, because they brought this category of products, usually marketed as something extreme only needed for a particular kind of sexual practice, to the bedrooms of every couple.

But, when it comes to texture, feel and consistency, what’s the difference between a good oil-based lube and our usual water-based ones? To answer this question, luckily YES has been kind enough to send me both their best sellers, YES OB (oil-based) and YES WB (water-based), so I can review them both for my readers!

The packaging

Both products came in a stylish, minimal cardboard box: the OB’s one has a blue decor, while, for the WB, the company has chosen a nice teal/light blue palette. The outer packaging contains all the info I need to know about my new lubes: the INCI, directions for use, the CE mark and, shown proudly on the bottom of the box, the various badges of the associations that have certified the YES range as organic and cruelty-free, like the Soil Association UK (which has recognised the products as 95% organic), and the Vegetarian Society. I’m also reassured thet my lubes are Made in Britain.

Having the 100 ml tubes in two different colours, that match the outer packaging, will come in very handy when trying to fish the right one in my messy handbag. They have a very discreet and feminine look.

The flip-top dispenser of both tubes is sealed with a piece of plastic, to gurantee that the lube has never been opened, and to avoid spills during the shipping process.


The YES WB looks clear and has no scent at all. It feels lightweight and non-sticky, while still providing a fairly long-lasting gliding effect and a refreshing, soothing sensation on the skin.

I must confess that I tried it for the first time in a moment when I was quite itchy down there, since I had an irritation caused by excessive sweat, and I need to say that the YES WB made me feel instantly better: the high concentration of Aloe Vera, which is the second ingredient in the INCI immediately after Water, has been very effective at soothing my intimate skin.


I thought that an oil-based lube would feel, well, oily on the skin. Definitely I was wrong: the feel of the YES OB is surprisingly lightweight, and its texture is just a little bit thicker than the one of the YES WB. It still feels lighter than most silicone-based lubes I’ve tried!

Once applied, it gives a completely different sensation I had never experienced before: it creates a sort of velvety protective film on intimate areas. It feels somehow less slippery than a water-based lube, but it eases penetration and enhances all sensations.

Needless to say, the YES OB is now my go-to lube for those days when I feel particularly dry down there!

In Summary

I’ve quickly fallen in love with the whole range of sex essentials from YES: they’re high-quality, they don’t contain harmful chemicals at all and they’re good for the wildlife and for our planet as well.

The WB and OB lubes are truly worth buying in my opinion, and I’ll get more of them as soon as I run out!

If you would like to try them for yourself, please check out the YES company’s official website here.

Unaffiliated post. I got the products free of charge in exchange for my honest review: thanks YES, it’s a pleasure to work with your company and to help spread the word about ethically-produced, organic sexual wellness products.

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